Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Proving again that things are really slow today a Sun-Sentinel journalist files this story about teen bi-sexuality five years too late.
In The Secret Life of Walter Winchell Lyle Stuart writes about Michael Riedel's hero "he sunk his fangs into them (his critics) with hint, innuendo and bold distortions of fact."
It seems as if homeland security is heating up -- helicopters circling lower Manhattan. Maybe a code red...
A.O. is having another lame New Year's Eve since his downward spiral several years ago. No parties with any cachet, or uber-trendy joints... Just drinks at a downtown bar and snogging at midnight (A.O. can be described as good-looking). In any case the new year promises much for the A.O., he is opening a restaurant in midtown--so hold on to your hats things promise to get interesting.

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