Friday, January 30, 2004

Too Much Fun, Too Many Laughs
Michael Wolff is packing his bags at New York Magazine and TMFTML isn't blogging. Coincidence? Wolff, is thought to be leaving because of his participation in a failed takeover bid of New York. The columnist is being hired by Vanity Fair. No word yet on where Bruce Wasserstien is looking for a replacement. How about Elizabeth Spiers for the media beat?

Dennis Miller recieves a 0.4 nielson rating for his conservative debate coverage. How's that for a laugh Dickhead. (Left of page.)
The Modern Media Wash, Rinse and Spin Cycle. Also; Did Hugh Get His Salad Tossed at the Table?
Bruce Feirstien writes about media mea culpas in this week's peach sheets. He notes that Jason Blair was recently in Bel Air for Peter Bart's "Dangerous Company" book bash. A.O. doubts Bart was offended by the disgraced journalists presence. In a column back in September (subscription only) Bart defended former Times film critic Bosley Crowther for taking payola to give the stinker "Cleopatra" a glowing review. Bart claims that Crowther wrote the review, not for personal gain but, to save 20th Century Fox from financial ruin. Indeed Bart was never afraid to use his position as a journalist to do favors--the famous profile he wrote about Robert Evans for The Sunday New York Times was predicated on a suggestion by the powerful Hollywood lawyer Sidney Korshak. The article ultimately led to Evans being hired as head of Paramount Studios and Bart himself being hired as the former's top capo. But, I digress.
From Feirstein's "modern media wash, rinse and spin cycle:"
Step Two: Convene with the High Countesses of Contrition. By 10 a.m. on the day following your career-ending gaffe or live-broadcast arraignment you will have heard from both Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters. (Yes, even after Babs has retired.) Don't be frightened. Because you are no longer just a struggling candidate, or a common criminalyou'vee been elevated to a higher role. You have become "The Get." The key is to remember that you hold the high cards here. You want a comeback. They want ratings especially in retirement. So play them off against each other. Cut the best deal you can questions in advance, topics that are off-limits; demand the Barbara Streisand lighting package, with Bill Clinton's fireplace roaring in the background. Your tone should be tense but contrite. And remember, it doesn't matter whether you're trying to influence voters or the jury pool: The goal here is to humanize you.

Speaking of false redemption Eszterhas is getting more ink for his book, "Hollywood Animal;" this time across the Atlantic. Excerpts of it have already been printed in several papers including the NYO, NYDN and now The Guardian follows suit. The charges in the book make such good copy that they beg repeating. Cindy Adams has it both ways by denouncing the book and reprinting the most inflammatory passages. Eszterhas' press agent is doing an incredible job promoting this piece of shit. Back to the Guardian piece--It hints that Eszterhas' frequent assertions that he was unaware of his father's pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic writings in Hungary during the war until after he wrote "The Music Box," are untrue. "The Music Box" is about a daughter forced to defend her Hungarian father from charges he murdered Jews in Hungary in 1945. Mirroring the outcome of the movie, Eszterhas was able to use his influence to keep his father from being deported.

Redemption--that reminds me of Jesus Christ. The NY Observer, on Mel Gibson's marketing strategy for his "The Passion of Christ:" "It takes a lot of chutzpah to enlist the Pope as a flack for your movie." definitely true. But, the editorial goes further. "Mr. Gibson has been screening it privately at various friendly churches... No Jews allowed. Recently, two respected Jewish leaders‚—Abraham Foxman… And Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles‚—saw the film..." It will be interesting to see how this fracas plays out.

Does Mirror blind item point to Paltrow menage a trois?

Popbitch asks if Hugh Grant got his salad tossed at the table in a Bangkok bar.
Norwegians Notice Swedish Catfucking Trend
In what is perhaps the lowest journalistic effort I have ever witnessed; Norwegian television is reporting that animals in neighboring Sweden are being sexually assaulted by humans in record numbers. The report, using extrapolations that would make Roger Ailes blush, estimates that 300 house pets are injured every year by horny Swedes:
“We have seen an increase since 1999 when child pornography became illegal,” said Johan Beck-Friis. “It appears, in other words, as there are some people who have replaced children with animals. In both circumstances, it is sex with defenseless individuals.” (Nice scoop Drudge)
Sweden decriminalized Sex with animals during World War II. Alas, this cannot be blamed on the Germans as Sweden remained unoccupied.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Man of Mystery Tickles Our Asses With a Feather
A certain blogger that uses the royal we frequently and digs sexual innuendo is very pissed off (and if he's anything like me, {judging from the time of his post} a little drunk). His identity is about to be revealed by the NY press. A certain Journalist friend who straddles the real media and blogging worlds has told him as much. My question is a)what's the big deal? and b)what's the big deal? Unless, of course, it's what I've suspected all along: TMFTML is really Michael Wolff.
Phoebe Eaton Sucks Off Joe Eszterhas in This Week's Observer (Eszterhas vs. Evans Update)
Robert Evans is the book’s dotty old uncle in a bolo tie, shoving a huge dildo out the car window on his way to rehab. He weeps when a check he’s written to Mike Ovitz is returned to sender, ripped into tiny pieces.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Jackson's Jesus Juice
Orth reports that Jackson refers to white wine as "Jesus juice," and red wine as "Jesus blood," and usually drinks them out of soda cans so that nobody around him will know he's consuming alcohol.
Is Web logging the Latest "Pong" of Publishing, a simple tool and medium that makes use of readily available technology to reach people in a revolutionary way?(paidcontent.org)
Note to NY Observer--Please Introduce Simon Doonan to Rex Reed
Maybe I should submit these two sightings to Gawker Stalker but I rather be ignored on my own site than ignored on Gawker.
1) Literally bumped into Scarlett Johansson near Chelsea Piers, she is very striking in person with a strange deep voice.
2) Melanie Griffith, looking especially haggard was gamely signing autographs in front of the old Daily News building this morning.

Robert Novak and Al Franken have something in common (besides being hopelessly dorky looking): They both like to knock people down.

Simon Doonan figures out a way to get Barney's phone number into a column about the new cowboy chic.
Think Gregory Peck and Joseph Cotten in Duel in the Sand. I’m talking about tailored Western attire. Exquisitely dandified duds will make a nice change... Call R.J. at Barneys (212-826-8900) and demand to be measured for a Hamilton custom Western shirt.
Nice shilling for your boss but the movie is called "Duel in the Sun," Simon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Dating is The Next Black
Pointing out that nobody buys Time Out for the ground breaking articles is a little like saying that TMFTML likes double entendre. But, the magazine's editors should at least try not to embarrass themselves. In an article that proclaims an end to online dating for New Yorkers (plugging several websites in the process); Gavin, a thirty-five year old freelance writer who has become "disheartened by the gap between his corporeal self and his real self" is quoted as saying:
"Meeting someone face to face is just more intense and natural, like dogs in the park sniffing each other's asses."
So impressed by its zing, TONY splashed the quote in bold red ink on the last page of the article.

Ricky Gervais, Man After My Own Heart
He said that the new-found transatlantic fame would certainly change his life: "I don't want any more work. I'm going to live off this for about 10 years then do some bad stuff when I really need the money."

That Elegant Grandfather of the Gabfest, Jack Paar, is dead at 85.
Mr. Paar's couch also became a launching pad for dozens of unknowns who would get national exposure on his show, among them Bill Cosby, Mike Nichols and Elaine May, Carol Burnett, Woody Allen, the Smothers Brothers and Godfrey Cambridge.

(A.O. note--Mr. Paar's couch was also a launching pad of sorts for Oscar Levant who would nod out on it frequently.)
This Might Be the Last Month to Catch Golden Showers in Penthouse
(in fact, I have heard that a photo spread in this month's issue features Jenna Jameson urinating in a vase.) Penthouse is going the Laddie route, the NY Post reports. The publisher and founder of Penthouse, Bob Guccione, is being pushed to the sidelines.

And I just gave my two weeks' notice, so I hope it snows a shitload--the more work I can manage to avoid in my last days here the better.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Is the Pope running scared from TMFTML?
Papal Blessing For Break-Dancers
VATICAN CITY (AP) -- In an unusual spectacle at the Vatican, Pope John Paul II presided over a performance of break-dancers who leaped, flipped and spun their bodies to beats from a tinny boom box.
The 83-year-old pontiff seemed to approve, waving his hand after each dancer completed a move, then applauding for the entire group. He watched the performance from a raised throne.
"For this creative hard work I bless you from my heart," he said.

Feeling Guilty about Blogging on Company Time?
Well, cheer up, because some scumbag that used to teach at RISDY made over 700 harassing phone calls from the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, where he worked as a part-time proofreader. (Link via Gawker)
And the Pia Zadora Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To...
(Ed. note--In 1982 the HFPA gave it's best new star Golden Globe to Pia Zadora for a film that had yet to be released, sparking scandal and blackballing the Golden Globes from television until 1996.)

That Commissariat of Culture, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, had several embarrassments last night: giving a lifetime achievement award to Michael Douglas, voting Lost in Translation best comedy and having Princess Fergie plug Love Actually; the last, of course, being most embarrassing. However, A.O. has to hand it to the HFPA and Hollywood glitterati. A completely Machiavellian relationship, based on Hollywood's ravenous desire for self-justification and a fan clubs' need to bathe in the reflected glory of American Cinema produced a pageant with tears, cheers celebrity meltdown and Oedipal fulfillment. Oh yeah, and nice tits galore.

Robert Evans has to stop going on talk shows. He’s playing himself out; repeating himself. He's said it all before in the 462 page “Kid Stays in the Picture.” Here’s the story; Joe Eszterhas writes a book charging Sherry Lansing, head of Paramount, of getting work for her husband, Billy Friedkin. Matt Drudge uses the allegation to open up on Hollywood’s old guard on the night of the Golden Globes. Then he repeats the charge on his radio show. So, it’s good old Evans (always there in a pinch), head of Paramount in the 70’s, that calls up Drudge to defend Lansing. While everybody in Hollywood is at Golden Globe after-parties; Evans, who spent the first part of his life trading favors with Sidney Korshak and Lew Wasserman is spending the last part being whored out by Sherry Lansing and Brandon Tartikoff. Poor old Evans--alone on Hollywood's penultimate night with his sunglasses and Oxycodone, watching his protégé, Jack Nicholson, on television...

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Too Proud to Beg? Drop a Neg.
Neill Strauss teaches AFCs (average frustrated chumps) how to get laid in the Sunday Times Style Secton.

If the freezing cold Sunday night is getting you down go over to KGB Bar and ask Tibor Fischer to sign a copy of Martn Amis' novel, "Yellow Dog." (Link via Gawker)

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Helmut Newton who's photographs of beautiful naked women were favored by Hollywood heavies dies in a car crash on Sunset Boulevard.

And Whatevs will have something to write about because Eminem's moms was reportedly carjacked along Detroit's famed Eight Mile--Beeyatch. (Links via Drudge)
I'll Have What She's Drinking
As snippets of Eurotrash gallop untrammeled through the worldwideinternetweb--furious Elvish epithets, crushing disdain for Handbag.com and its readers--I can't help but wonder if loneliness and unemployment aren't good for her. She's fucking hilarious.

Friday, January 23, 2004

The Right Wing is So Avant-Garde
Rush might do time (Miami Herald)...

And Drudge hints that he might not be all man (NYDN)...
Gawker for Politicos
Somehow, I don't see Wonkette--the new Denton published Washington D.C. hipster political blog--taking off like Gawker or TMFTML. Described by its editor as: "an appropriately arch and irrepressibly giddy guide to the American political landscape and the Washington metro area social scene (such as it is);" the site seems to me, well, doomed. But then again, Tina Brown parodies are hot.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Sweet Smell of Success
Perhaps the biggest lie of the second Bush presidency is that G.W. Bush is a regular American Joe six-pack. Kevin Phillips, a former Republican strategist, describes the machinations of the Bush family and their fat-cat coterie of money and oil men to seize power for themselves in this interview with Bob Edwards on NPR. Phillips has written a book called "An American Dynasty" which chronicles the Bushies journey from New England Episcopal Churches to Bible thumping fundamentalism.
Even Gray Ladies Google
In today's Circuits section of the NY Times Tom McNichol writes: "Time was - say, two months ago - when typing the phrase 'miserable failure' into the Google search box produced an unexpected result: the White House's official biography of President George W. Bush." In fact, if you type the words "miserable failure" into the Google search box today you will get exactly the same result.

A Woman Needs A Man Like Fish Needs A Bicycle
An English woman who bought sperm off the internet has given birth to a baby boy, The Evening Standard is reporting.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Choire wants Tina Brown to go away already. Maybe...

Surprise, Surprise--Mayor Mike is an Asshole
"Atkins is dead. I don't believe that bull---- that he dropped dead slipping on a sidewalk. Yeah, right."

Friday, January 16, 2004

The Guardian reports that British youths are giving up taking ecstacy. Next--Australians stop eating Vegemite.

And Harvey Weinstein is lobbying for "Cold Mountain," also in The Guardian.
Where is the following quote from? "...A Place where panic-stricken ribaldry (is) passed off as virility, authenticity."
a) Christopher Isherwood's "The Berlin Diaries"
b) TMFTML dissing Choire's Gawker
c) NYRB quoting a Shirley Hazzard novel
d) Kudlow on CNBC talking about "The Apprentice" with Donny Deutch

TMFTML calls attention to Jen Chung's rack (right of page) while breaking down NYC's top blogs.

The Unkindest Cuts
Michael Riedel performs "Taboo" Postmortem...

And author Olivia Goldsmith dies under the knife... (Link via Drudge.)

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Moore Punk'd Kutcher On First Date?
The Mirror reports that Ashton Kutcher is claiming he didn't know who Demi Moore was the first time he met her.
Perhaps the last chapter in the scariest and most compelling story to come out of England since Myra Hindley and Ian Brady closed two days ago when Harold Shipman hung himself in his prison cell. The Guardian's take on the story is here, The Telegraph's here and The Mirror's here. But the trial judge’s words to Shipman, from the NY Times yesterday, is the most fitting epilogue to the tragic murders: "I have little doubt that each of your victims smiled and thanked you as she submitted to your deadly administrations..."
Bright Light Extinguished
The intrepid Uta Hagen, who taught acting at HB Studios into her eighties, died today. The Times sums up her life.
Clark is lying about opposing war from the beginning, Drudge reports in scoop.
Low Culture fucks up that douche-bag Dennis Miller. (With a little help from the Times.)
Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorcese are collaborating on a book about film, Gothamist says.
Jeff Jarvis was eating at Tina Brown's house with Choire and a bunch of bloggers at "the kiddie table" when Elizabeth Spiers was accused of underblogging. For Spiers part, she countered that she has been on vacation and "tracking down big financial stories for the new New York Magazine."
This is a great idea from Dave Winer on what bloggers should be doing. (Link via BuzzMachine.) Specifically:
What you'll find out when you track reporters is that they aren't doing their job. This has very limited value.
Instead we should do the job they should be doing, raise the bar, give them an incentive to do their job.

Low Culture imagines how the Blogeratti would look if they were reincarnated on cable. And I wonder what channel Eurotrash would be.
Why is Page Six kicking John Kerry when he's down?

(Update--It turns out that Kerry is surging ahead in Iowa so it is obvs why Richad Johnson is swiping at Kerry.)

Vanity Fair is worth getting this month if only for it's profile of Attorney General John Ashcroft. According to the article, for which Ashcroft refused to participate, he is a narrow-minded bigot who despises secular society. Surprise, surprise...
Sister No-Cash
My sister, who just graduated Cornell and works for an Italian fashion label here in Manhattan, wrote me this e-mail yesterday:
how's it goin' today? why is dry cleaning so much? i spent $20 dollars on two shirts and two pants. my life is a sad, sad place where everything is too expensive...oh well :(

Monday, January 12, 2004

"You're Only Treating Me Like This Because I'm Burnt Orange!"
all air passengers, to be used to color-code each air traveler according to his or her potential threat level.
Passengers coded red would be stopped from boarding; yellow would mean additional screening at security checkpoints; and green would mean an only standard level of scrutiny.
(links to CBS News)
Yesterday, on "Meet the Press," Roger Simon had this to say about blogs:
I am a blogger sort of. I mean, the difference between—look, a true blog is I woke up this morning, I decided to skip chem class, now I want to write about the last episode of “Friends.” That’s what blogs are. You know, it’s people talking to each other. My site is actually written columns. There’s a difference between writing and typing basically.
"Via? We Don't Need No Stinking Via."
Gawker's "Sunday Morning Educational Sessions" shares three links to the Times with TMFTML's "The Non Wrap." TMFTML posted the links several hours before Gawker.

Quick, Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's Starting to Show.
In an article in this week's New Yorker, Larry Charles, executive producer of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and a former producer of "Seinfeld," equates the work he and his cohorts did on "Seinfeld" to finding a cure for cancer. From the article:
“Suddenly it’s like—why not? It’s like, boom boom boom, an epiphany—quantum theory of sitcom! It was, like, nobody’s doing this! Usually, there’s the A story, the B story—no, let’s have five stories! And all the characters’ stories intersect in some sort of weirdly organic way, and you just see what happens. It was like—oh my God. It was like finding the cure for cancer.”

Friday, January 09, 2004

Yahoo is reporting that Sports Illustrated is being ordered to reveal a source for an article that fingered Richard Jewell as the main suspect for the Atlanta Olympics bombing.

Who's Fit to be Trump's Chump?
The winner of the new Trump-Barnett reality show "The Apprentice" wins 250K a year with Trump. Last night on "Hardball" Chris Matthews asked Trump when the last time he pulled in that level of yearly salary. Trump's answer was that his father provided him with oppurtunities much greater than that as soon as he had graduated from Wharton. The irony of the scion of a NYC real estate tycoon judging a battle royale of would be Horatio Algers was not lost on Matthews. Donald Trump isn't the American Dream but he plays it on TV.
So it is, that Trump and Barnett is a coupling borne of Dante's Inferno. Greed and Envy, however, father great television.
If Choire doesn't go to jail for er- whatever it was he did wrong, he should go to jail for penning this column in TMN (via New Yorkish).
Trump Tower Touting Trifle?
Last night I spied something interesting on "The Apprentice." What was that mural in the "Apprentice" suite of Trump towers? Was it a plug for "Daily Candy?"
Wisconsin man sues Cable TV company for his lazy ways (via Blogdex)...

Burger King won't serve fat people? Story is here.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

What Song Will Choire Sing
As was reported by Newsday.com and hysterically parodied by TMFTML Gawker's ass is being hauled out on the carpet by the man. How is Gawker playing it? So far Choire is not making a sound.

Update--And mum's the word over at The Kicker as well.
No Pun Intended
From Page Six:
His raised leg is supposed to conceal his nether regions, but something is dangling into view. The Us editors are furious with UPN, which provided the photo. A network rep said, "It's been busy around here and apparently someone took their eye off the ball."
Gawker Gets Ink
Is Choire in a jam (via Manhattan Transfer, TMFTML)?

The Fledgling Restauranteur, Part II
Planning a restaurant isn't all fun and games for A.O.. It's not Michael York and Ted Danson trading jests over plates of Tiara Misu and snifters of expensive port. Forget about Rocco DiSpirito as well. It's threshing out minutiae over Kettle One and soda in empty Midtown dives on weekdays. It's tipping off to the bathroom when things reach an impasse, then coming back to find theretofore unseen brilliance in the ideas of your partner. Then realizing that not only is your partner not brilliant but he is fat as well; and that you were high a few minutes ago. Then it's off to the bathroom again.
Time to go home and get a few hours before morning. Oh shit it is morning--better skip those valiums. Go over your notes at work. Hate yourself more than ever. But somehow things, marching to their denouement, get done--an investor comes in, colors are chosen for the walls, you learn about the business...

Today TMFTML sums up the zeitgeist of our Blogosphere with this parody of Tina Brown.
In This Corner, Protecting the Strong From the Weak
Today in a WSJ opinion piece Peggy Noonan echoes a position first put forth by Bill Safire almost a month ago. It can be summed up something like this: "Of course I'm a right-wing ideologue and don't want the Democrats to beat Bush in 2004. However, I like a political horse race as much as the next guy and Howard Dean as Presidential nominee just isn't any fun because Bush is going to whip his ass." Noonan spices up the thing a little more by claiming to dislike Dean as a person, despite her intentions to the contrary. It's interesting to me to see Noonan tow Safire's line so closely. They are both former GOP speechwriters who can always be counted on to pose as disinterested observers when they are in fact hacks doing the bidding of Republican strategists. So it would seem, as long as Dean continues to surge towards the nomination, that we will be subjected to more of this disingenuous nonsense from GOP intellectuals in the months to come.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Which choice best describes your situation when combined with the following phrase?
Blogging has--
a) taken away from my crossword puzzle time.
b) made me feel better about myself as a person.
c) gotten me a book deal.
d) gotten me a job with New York Magazine.
e) gotten me fired.

Gothamist informs us that Chris Matthews will be inerviewing Robert McNamara tonight on his MSNBC show. McNamara has been getting alot of press lately because he is the focus of Errol Morris' new documentary Fog of War. For a good article about McNamara, who was Secretary of Defense during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, read Sydney Schanberg's piece for The American Prospect aptly titled Soul on Ice. You might have see Sydney Schanberg played on the big screen by Sam Waterston in The Killing Fields.
One point for the dark side
Rush Limbaugh has a nice scoop (via Drudge) on why Howard Dean is standing up so well to the competition.
Michael Riedel finds yet another way to plug "The Producers" in his column today...

Is Cynthia Cotts at The Voice plugging Vanity Fair in spite of herself?

A.O.'s favorite rogue reporter, Richard Johnson, is "turning fifty" this month.

Today on "Howard Stern Show" Donald Trump named his daughter, Ivanka, one of the five "hottest chicks" on the planet.
Are you an internet junky? Take the test.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

From an article (via Metafilter) by Arthur Miller:
We encountered a rather barren auditorium, a speaker's platform and an odd quietness for so large a crowd. What to make of their silence? I couldn't help being reminded of the fifties, when the question hanging over any such gathering was whether it was being observed and recorded by the FBI.
I can't help being reminded of senile old Shaw doddering around Moscow in the thirties writing that there was no hunger in the USSR.
The News takes a nice shot at Hollywood has-been Robert Evans today (via Gothamist):
Catherine Oxenberg's marriage to producer Robert Evans made it to double digits - 10 days. Of course, Evans, 73, is 30 years older than the actress and they had known each other only four days before the ceremony. She's said to have left him when he tried to consummate their marriage.
Ignoring Evans' side of the story that she left him when she discovered his painkiller addiction.
The Importance of Being Self-Important, Part I
TMFTML is, of course, back with a host of content...

Monday, January 05, 2004

CEO Disses I-Bankers in Google Boondoggle
I caught this bit of fun in an article on Bloomberg.com about the Google deal:
"On any given day there would be a line of 200 investment bankers
that would kill their mothers to get the Google deal,'' said Reed Taussig, chief executive officer at Callidus Software Inc., a San Jose, California
based company that plans to sell shares in an IPO.

This item in The New Yorker about one of Winchell's favorite flaks warms my cold heart...

Now that The Guardian is trying to become the next slick gossip weekly...

Michael Wolff can't help but admire Lord Black.
Especially after he tried to woo Black into a partnership to bid for the Village Voice way back when.

Everyone should read this article by Paul Krugman in The Nation about the death of upward mobility in America.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Pretty In Pink, Ten Years After
Last night A.O. peeled his nose off the cold window pane of disenfranchisement and took that "quirky" girl who had a crush on him in High School to Tamarind. She kept giggling and saying "I cant believe I'm out with so and so." At the movies when I put my arm around her she said "what do you think your friends would say if they saw you put your arm around me." Despite all this the date went well and I'm going to continue on with my delayed John Hughes experiment.
Liz Smith's six graph smackdown of Ben...

Maccers predicts 2004 to be a year of all out decadence...

Eurotrash resolves to continue disgusting us in the New Year...
Page Six scoops Fleshbot with a mention of these pictures (scroll down to middle of page) of Rebecca Gayheart.
The Fledgling Restauranteur, Part I
As I mentioned before, I am opening a restaurant. It will actually be a bar/restaurant as the bar is a nice size and my partner has a large following as a bartender/manager.
The menu looks like it's going to have a Cajun flair, but we haven't found a chef to put it together yet.
We already have a space and we will be taking occupancy in a month. I'm reluctant to say exactly where it is yet; so for now I'll just leave it at the fact that it is located in the west 40's.
A.O.'s Top 4 Blogging Moments in 2003 or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog:
4. The hard partying folks at Gawker mistake a bullet for a crack pipe.
3. The Observer makes it easy for tmftml to get a table at Michael's.
2. Gawker evinces unhealthy obsessions.
1. Elizabeth Spiers blogs for dollars.

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